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Free Report: The Developer’s Guide to Understanding Performance Problems

Discovering Dynatrace, AppDynamics, NewRelic, Plumbr, Illuminate, Java Mission Control, YourKit, JProfiler, XRebel, Honest profiler, JMeter, Gatling

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How to understand and profile performance issues?

“When trying to pin down the top factors impacting application performance, the right answer is that there is no right answer... the source of a performance problem could be almost anywhere!” Julie Craig, Research Director, Application Management, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Which Java performance tools are you going to use in your next project and why would you choose one over the other? There are many aspect which may sway your decision and of course it will depend on the details of application you’re building. This report covers typical Java performance considerations, monitoring and application performance management tools, Java profilers, and common performance testing libraries.

We also demonstrate a few of those tools on a reference application to help you get the answers you seek and give some pointers on getting started with them. Particularly, we take the Confluence wiki engine and use JMeter to simulate load which gave us its baseline throughput. From there we attach YourKit and XRebel to see if we can get meaningful and interesting results.

There is no silver bullet in solving performance problems, and you have to choose your tools depending on the needs of your project.

So, how do you decide which performance tools are most relevant for your needs?

To sum up this report that focuses on Java performance tools, we’ve created a small FAQ section that helps to answer the question of choosing performance tools in a problem oriented manner. You can use it to aid your decision making to select the right tool for your projects.